Terms and conditions

Contact information and classes

MusMik Music school
Ringstedgade 4
2100 Copenhagen Ø

All classes are held at this address.

Telephone: 21 95 77 79
E-mail: marie@musmik.dk

CVR number: 33321694
Year of establishment: 2009
Year of establishment as a union/”forening”: 2011

Methods of payment

Payment can be made by Dankort, Visa/Dankort, Visa or Mastercard.

The payment is done through a direct encrypted line with PBS.

No extra fee will be charged for the payment. The informed price is the full price that will be drawn from your card. MusMik carries all expenses charged by PBS.


All course sign ups are binding.

In case of absence or unsubscribement, course payment will not be returned.

Course payments will be drawn approximately one week before the classes start. In case of insufficient numbers, the class will be cancelled. In that case, those registered will be contacted at least four days before the start of the course. The prepaid amount will not be drawn, but cancelled.

It is not binding to subscribe for the waiting list.

We also refer to the information from the Consumer protection authority (Forbruger styrelsen) regarding returns rights.

Opportunity to cancel classes and book replacement classes

Using our online booking system, "My Musmik", it is possible to cancel classes and book replacement classes.

In order to book replacement classes, please take note of these conditions and requirements:

  • Classes should be cancelled online at your "My Musmik", at least 5 hours prior to the start of the particular class. If you are looking for a replacement class, it is always a good idea to check on the day the class is set.
  • Replacement classes should be booked at your "My Musmik" and booking is only possible if there is available space in another class.
  • Please choose replacement classes that correspond with the age of your child.
  • MusMik does not guarantee available space in another age-appropriate class. Cancellation of classes on a fully booked course, will open up spaces for others to book a replacement class. If booking is closed for a particular class, you can check again later or the same day as the class is held.
  • Replacement classes can only be booked and used within the time frame of the course you are signed up for.
  • It is not possible to book replacement classes in a course that has not yet started. You can book from the day the course you wish to visit, starts.
  • MusMik does not have many English based courses and there might not be another class like yours in English. You are welcome to book a Danish replacement class. However, from the age of 3 and up, we do recommend that the child understands some Danish in order to participate in a Danish class.


Should the teacher be sick, the cancelled class will be replaced during-, or soon after the course.

A Temporary teacher will be found in case of prolonged sickness of the teacher. In case a temporary teacher can not be found, the payment of the remaining part of the course will be repaid.